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Mornings with Max

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Topless pancakes

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There’s a lot of boob talk around the house lately. Therefore, you may find a lot of boob talk in my blog here too. Great for those of you who don’t mind it. Bad for those of you who think it’s inappropriate.  But I’m all for telling it like it is.  And if you don’t like it, you can find some great blogs that are more suited for you at an Amish site called

I’ve been feeding Max every 2-3 hours for almost 5 weeks now and my nipples have had it.  My left one especially.  The nipple was so sore that it felt like Max was sucking a needle through the nipple.  A NEEDLE.  THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS FEEDING ON IT!  The pain level was a toe curling, fist clenching, tears running down my face, 12 out of 10.  I put in a phone call to the lactation specialist and my Doctor.  They said it sounded like a blocked duct.  Common, they said.  Just keep feeding and working through the pain and it will work itself out, they said.  But I don’t think they understood the LEVEL of pain I was talking about.

So, I attended a breastfeeding support group last Thursday.  I’ve never been to a “support” group before.  Anything with the word “support” in it makes me want to run away.  It sounds like a bunch of people hanging out to complain, cry, hold hands, pray and singing songs.  But I have to admit it was a good thing I went.

I’m much better now with some much needed information and “support”. Amazing what a little warm water and olive oil can do.  And I was advised to give the girls some air time.  “Walk around the house topless for 15 minutes after feeding.”  No one here is complaining about that piece of advice.  Who doesn’t want to wake up to a topless girl flippin’ pancakes on Saturday morning?  Now, don’t you wish this blog post had a picture to go with it?


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I’m addicted to this little milk addict.

Smells like leather

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Watching Max try to nurse the minute they laid him on me in the hospital just proves how natural it is for babies to feed from the breast.

A lactation consultant told me that part of the draw is that the aerola secretes the smell of amniotic fluid.  It’s familiar to them and makes them feel safe in this big new scary world.

What then is the draw later in life?  Do my breasts also secrete the smell of leather footballs and beer?

The small stuff

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Joe’s mom is in town visiting her new grandson. She went out for lunch the other day and came back with these teeny, tiny roses.

I was planning on writing a whole thing about how amazing something this small and intricate is to see and hold in my hand.  And how it’s the small things in life that can have the most impact.

But I’m tired with my own new little wonder in my life.  So I’ll leave the writing up to you. Ponder the amazing, the small and simple things in life and let them impact you wherever you are right now.

Some pursue happiness, others create it.