a meal… a glutton

October 15, 2013  |  Act, Rant

Knowing that most of the world lives in poverty, it’s difficult for me to complain about anything in life. Especially in regards to food. Because with poverty, obviously, there is scarcity in food. So, actually, it sort of disgusts me to eat anything at all.

However, on the opposite end of that – I DO sometimes wish for (I try to remember the Zen way of NOT wishing, wanting, expecting anything) a dinner out of the house. With no kids. That I didn’t have to cook. Or clean up afterwards.

Whether it be due to my own weakness, advertising, media, social media, peer pressure, what have you… I find that I really… just… want… to go out for a dinner.

Shocking? It’s something I used to do. It’s something people do in Los Angeles every day.  

I’m not talking about a quick bite – like a drive thru – I’m talking a – Sit. Down. Meal.

I’m not a material girl.  I don’t care for diamonds.  I don’t care for things in general.  Those things are only wanted by people for the mere feeling of that thing anyway. I get all that.

However, I do lately wish for a meal that I didn’t have to 1) buy all ingredients at the grocery store, 1) lug it home, stock it, 3) later prep it, cook it 3) serve it and eat it (which takes a mere 10 minutes).  And THEN proceed to 5) gather up dishes, pots and pans 6) clean up floors, from my kids dropping and throwing and then 7) wiping up kids faces, their highchairs, clothes, and 8) doing all the dishes.

That’s a lot of work for 10 minutes of yummy grub. Right? Anyone? Bueller?

I would love just ONE night out where I put on clothes (that aren’t destined for spit ups or immediately have to change a poopy diaper), sit in a lovely restaurant, be served yummy food, a glass of wine – and not have to clean it all up when I was done.  Just ONE night.  

Is that too much to ask for? I’d feel like I was on a vacation. And I might cry. But it would be tears of joy.

A fairly simple task to execute – one would think.  Especially  in Los Angeles.  People do it every day.  But I haven’t done it since… 2010? Maybe 2009?  It’s been a long, long time.  I’ve had one lunch, and one late night bite, yes. But it’s just not the same.

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say I love your writings.

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