Dad responds to Tantrum

October 22, 2013  |  Act

A sense of humor is a must when you have kids. Even if you don’t have kids – you need a sense of humor (and the ability to laugh at yourself) for dealing with life!  

I was on the Huffington Post when I came across this story and video. Easing the tension that his six year old daughter’s temper tantrum (Oh no I thought tantrum’s were done by age three!) was creating in the house (because they told her she couldn’t have McDonald’s for dinner) this Dad improvised a little lip sync to lighten the mood. And Mom recorded it.

If you look up information on how to deal with tantrum’s – it’s best to ignore or distract them, but be there for them emotionally when they are done. This Dad was lightening the mood for the rest of the family since it had been going on for an hour.

I’ve tried mimicking Max during a couple of his tantrum’s (when they are just starting) and it makes him laugh! He thinks it’s funny if I repeat what he says and does and it breaks the tantrum. He starts to giggle and let’s me hold him and tickle him until he’s laughing so hard he forgets what he was upset about.

I think I read somewhere this Mom and Dad have 5 or 6 kids? If so, they’ve definitely “been there” before. Love it:

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  1. hohohoho that’s awesomeness

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