How this pregnancy is different from the first one #51

March 2, 2012  |  Act

I hate shopping.  I always feel it’s a waste of time.  And money.  Niether of which I like wasted.  I like to be wasted.  But, that’s an entirely different blog post some other day.

When I was pregnant with Max, I had no idea what I needed.  Some diapers, sure.  Bottles, of course.  But what KIND of diapers should I get?  What KIND of bottles are best?  There are so many choices.  And as a new mom, who wants to make the wrong decision before the baby even gets here?

A friend was throwing me a shower.  And Joe’s mom kept emailing me to make a registry already!  But I truly didn’t know where to start.  WHAT do I need?  And WHICH kind should I get?

So I finally got around to visiting Babies R Us, slowly walked over to the registry counter and like a reluctant teenager there against my will, said  I need to start a registry, but I have no idea what I’m doing.

The woman behind the desk solved my problem in on second by handing me a booklet on all things baby that I needed.  Well, at least what THEY said I needed.  And of COURSE they have that!  What was I thinking?  Or more rather, why WASN’T I thinking?  Of COURSE they have a booklet with a million baby things you NEED to buy because they are SELLING baby things.  Duh.

But honestly, that’s what got me started.  I had something to work with.  A list.  And I’m all about list making.  Everything I do involves a list.  Just ask Joe.  He LOVES it when I come up with a to-do list that involves him.  LOVES it.  Not.

Anyway, back to my point.  And I do have one.  THIS pregancy there isn’t all that registry making, decision making, what do I get, where should I get it, do I really need it, is that a good price? thing going on.  And I’m loving it.  It was really arduous and time consuming for me.  So now, this time around, I have more free time for other things.  Like wonder how the hell am I going to manage having TWO babies only a year apart!??!

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