Humanity is you

November 7, 2013  |  Rant

Humans are complex. Humanity is even more complex.

I don’t usually write much about affairs of the world. I tend to keep this blog light, fun and based on my inner world.

I hope you don’t (those of you who don’t know me) think I’m shallow because of it. I’m well aware of the plight of the world. I pause daily at news stories and my thoughts go out to the people involved.  I just figure you get enough of it in your face and I don’t need to repeat the desolation in my blog.

In spite of any tragedies we face ourselves, we should always count our blessings. Every day.

You have complaints about a bad day? Your cable went out and missed the big game? Your investment fund went belly up? Your car broke down and you had to hitch a ride to work? The fax didn’t go through? You didn’t get the client/gig/job/ you wanted? Your cell phone call was dropped? The light turned red just as you were about to cross the intersection? Your patent idea fizzled? Your girl/boy friend broke up with you? The shoes you wanted aren’t available in your size?

Those things are valid to some degree. They are important to you at the moment – based on your configuration of life that you are currently living. You may need some cheese with that whine. Especially if you are upset about things like not getting the shoes you wanted. (If this is you… don’t even get me started!) Please try to remember the big picture and where your plights fit in the scheme of this world.

Most of the world lives in poverty… Tragedy happens every day…

People you meet daily, may be going through their own personal hell, but don’t say a word about it — as you complain to them about the price of figs or that your grocery store was out of your favorite bottled water. I’ve experienced my own tragedies, but never voiced them to you.

Seriously. Take a breath. Think. Listen to yourself. Most importantly listen to what’s happening in the world.

There are so many tragedies every day – I could pick from several – but today I was thinking about a recent Human Trafficking story where 92 people died – mostly women and children. Not your problem, you say? I beg to differ. We’re all in this together.

THIS is real life. It ain’t always pretty.  And it ain’t for the weak or weary.

Now, go be a better person. Create a better world. And find a deeper meaning in your life and for others in any small or big way you can think of – humanity is counting on you!

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