Terrence who?

August 10, 2012  |  Act

I got a call to audition for a feature film when Sarah was just 3 weeks old.  I asked the casting director, “You want me to what?  Leave the house?  I don’t remember how to do that…”

I’d just spent the last three weeks at home recovering from the c-section and feeding Sarah around the clock so forget that it was for an interesting project. I was just excited to leave the house!  Alone.  Able to use both hands at once.  I felt so free on the drive there.  I felt like shouting “Look Ma, both hands! I have BOTH hands to use AT ONCE!”  And no one needs me to change their diaper, or feed them, or make them lunch, or read them a story, or… oh my goodness THIS is what it’s like to be single and childless… aaand still searching for Mr. Right.  To hook-up with.  And start a family.  Ha!

Having been pregnant since 2010 (first Max and then Sarah), I really hadn’t paid much attention to Hollywood.  Or was it more that Hollywood hadn’t paid much attention to me?  It seems that no one in this town wants to hire a pregnant woman!

So when the casting director was explaining to me that I should be excited about this audition/project because Terrence Malick was directing, I said “Who?”

I had no idea who she was talking about. Maybe I’d have understood if she’d said it in baby talk? “T” is for Terrence and “M” is for…

And the reason to be excited, I was told, was because Terrence directed Oscar nominated “The Tree of Life” with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.

But you see, this year, I don’t even remember the Oscar’s happening. I’m sure I was measuring my once again growing belly from Sarah, changing Max’s diaper, getting spit up on, doing laundry, making a bottle… all at the same time.

And the year before? I spent the Oscars having a baby shower.  Literally, ON the day of the Oscar’s I had my baby shower for Max in 2011.

The Oscar’s before all these babies?

Now you ask, “Did you book the part in the film?”  Why, thanks for asking.  Yes, yes I did. And that’s all I can tell you about it for now. Like I’ve said before, they make everyone sign confidentiality agreements these days. Mums the word until the film is out and by then you’ll know for yourself if I made the cut or not.

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